About mondometalwebscene.com

Mondometalwebscene was actually formed in a high school dorm room.

How we start?

Yeah, that’s right. One of the founders was in a high school boarding house. He got sick and tired of being laughed at for having long hair. Now, you have to understand that this was during a period of time when long hair was not really quite that popular. In fact, the moment your hair extended past your neckline, you would be automatically considered a geek, a relic of the past, a poser, an idiot, or just simply somebody who doesn’t get it.

As you probably can tell, none of from grouping is really all that conducive to developing a healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, and ego. One of the founders then basically just found himself alone and instead of feeling depressed, discouraged and marginalized, it actually inspired him to learn anything and everything related to Italian underground metal, as well as the larger metal scenes in other countries, primarily in Scandinavia.

Well, fast-forward to today and mondometalwebscene is quite a large platform. It is a welcome open space for Italian metal fans from all over the world. If you love Italian underground metal, this is the place for you because let’s face it, given the lack of respect for metal music or anything similar to that kind of musical genre coming from Italy, we don’t get enough respect.

Consider this the watering hole in Star Wars, where all of these misfits from all corners of the galaxy hang out. A lot of great ideas are exchanged. Musical links are posted for everyone to check out. A lot of critiques and comments for improvement are shared, though oftentimes completely unsolicited.
this really is an open space for everybody who truly cares about the scene. You may not be the biggest fan, but that’s okay.

Take the effort

As long as your criticism makes sense and you take the effort to clearly spell it out so people can take action on it, your feedback is more than welcome. We understand that the scene can improve, and it has made great strides in recent years.There is still definitely still a lot of ground to cover and we believe it is at the cusp of something truly great and phenomenal, but oftentimes, it really takes a great idea to make that leap.

We believe

You have to understand that we strongly believe that the Italian underground metal scene is similar to British rock music in 1966. During that year, British rock music was really in a hole. There are so many ways it could go forward. It could have gone the pop route. It could have gone the bubblegum route. It could have gone the folk route. There were just so many different paths in front of it and it was right in the middle of the crossroads.

The artists

Lo and behold, it took the Beatles’ album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to actually tell the rest of the rock musicians at the time the direction to go. And from there, you had Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, the whole nine yards. It really was amazing and it really all began with that crossroad.

Keep in mind

Keep that in mind because there are many music scenes all over the world and many different genres that are still stuck at that crossroads. And it only takes a spark for this creative explosion to produce all sorts of amazing musical expressions. Mondometalwebscene.com lovingly chronicles this crossroads period.